5 Unique, Trendy and Space-Effective Bathroom Vanity Ideas

By BreezeMaxWeb, July 10, 2021

Small bathrooms are tricky to work with, but there are a ton of ideas that are both trendy and space-effective, so you will not feel limited in any regard. Your bathroom can be stylish and practical, and compact bathrooms can be as beautiful as larger ones if you strategize and select the right pieces.

If you want to improve your small bathroom, the following ideas will help:

Create Zones

This will help your space feel bigger, so define zones by choosing different colors and materials. If you were to choose a wood wall panelling behind your toilet and darker tiled backsplash behind your sink, for example, the two areas would feel very separate even if they are placed right next to each other. This tip will put a sense of distance between these bathroom objects, and your space will feel more generous as a result.

Position Taps on The Side of Your Sink or on The Wall

This will allow you to achieve the look you’re after, even if you have a narrow or small bathroom. An oblong sink would allow for plenty of volume and would not take up as much space because of its width, and the addition of taps on the side will eliminate problems you would’ve encountered as a result of the slim width. Wall-mounted taps are a great option as well for compact bathrooms because the pipework can be hidden, so there will be no need for a bulky basin pedestal. This freed-up space can be used for shelving or a laundry basket instead.

Install a Floating Vanity

This will open up space so your bathroom will look a lot bigger. This option will also make cleaning a lot easier as well and will allow you to remain organized. You’ll be able to put your tilework on display, and this option can accommodate every height, so it’s a great idea to consider if you have a small bathroom.

Look into Corner Vanities

This, too, is a great way to free up space, and there are many different styles of vanities to choose from, so you don’t have to select a traditional design. Corner vanities would allow you to move around in your small space more easily and would eliminate harsh corners that you would otherwise bump into, so they are perfect for small bathrooms.

Install a Large Mirror Over Your Vanity

Mirrors invite more light and brighten up spaces, so this is perfect for small spaces because they will feel a lot bigger than they actually are. Large mirrors will open up the space, so install a big one over your vanity and choose one that is stylish and unique to complete the look of your bathroom.

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