Choosing The Right Lighting For Your Bathroom

By BreezeMaxWeb, June 4, 2021

Doing a renovation, or even just a revamp of one, or all of the bathrooms in your home, means upgrading the light fixtures. There are many factors to consider while doing so to maximize the appearance and function of your space. Here are a few different situations and subsequent lighting options to suit each.

No Natural Light

Bathrooms are one of those weird spaces in your home that don’t always have windows letting in natural light. That means your lighting fixtures are even more pivotal. Make sure your lighting choice illuminates the space, so your guests won’t even notice there’s no window. One way to create light that isn’t there is by layering lighting. Have lights by the sink and mirror for tasks like grooming and makeup, then an additional light from the ceiling for general light within the bathroom.

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Low Ceilings

Low ceilings may make a small space feel even smaller, rather than drawing attention to the low ceilings, accentuate the walls with mounted fixtures, or add minimal ceiling lighting like pot lights. Avoid hanging fixtures as they lower the height of the room.

High Ceilings

Make your bathroom less daunting by hanging light fixtures from the ceiling, this can take ceilings down and create a cozier, more down to earth space. Get creative with your hanging fixtures, tying them in with the overall theme of the rest of the room.


Narrow bathrooms don’t need a ton of spaced out light. Narrow bathrooms usually come in powder room form and could do with lighting around the mirror alone. Don’t get carried away with these spaces, you need to see, not go blind.


Spaced out bathrooms are hard to light up properly, these spaces really benefit if there is some natural light from a window. What is ideal, it’s not always a reality. For big bathrooms with no window, incorporate some wall lighting like around the mirror and above the bath or shower.

Rules of thumb

Almost as important as the lighting, are the bathroom cabinets. Cabinets are your source for storage in the bathroom renovation Winnipeg and really make or break the room. JJcabinet offers a variety of different materials, colours, and style of cabinets. Located in Winnipeg, take a trip over, view our virtual showroom, or book a design consultation today and make lighting and cabinets work together to create your dream space.


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