Creative Ways to Use Windows in a Kitchen Remodel

By BreezeMaxWeb, February 5, 2021

Windows are very important in all areas of a home, particularly in the kitchen. It is a great feature that allows natural light into your space and is perfect for any kitchen design. No type of artificial lighting can duplicate the effects of real warmth that only natural light can provide, so if you are lucky enough to have a window in your kitchen, look for ways to use it in your next remodel project.

If you’re looking for some inspiration, the following ideas can help:

Use Your Windows To Frame A Distinctive Feature

This technique is especially great for kitchens that have commercial-grade cooking ranges and designer hoods because it allows you to create an attractive focal point. This one feature can create an entire focal wall if it is framed by windows, and you’re not limited to just kitchen sinks and range hoods because any feature can be highlighted, including a wine rack or an eating nook.

Tailor Your Range Hood To Integrate With Your Windows

Highlighting your range hood is great, but you can take it one step further by integrating your windows with a custom-designed range hood that is specifically tailored to your kitchen. During a remodel, you can position a window over your custom hood and can explore different options besides a traditional design.

Consider Steel Windows

Windows that are framed with steel or steel-look aluminum are stylish in any room and are very dramatic when placed in the kitchen. This is a great idea if you are a fan of modern decor, but steel windows can also be used with traditional cabinetry as well. Regardless of your kitchen design, the steel window look will complement your space and will elevate the appearance of your kitchen, thanks to its stunning visual effect.

Place Cabinetry Around Your Window

Cabinetry is a big part of every kitchen, and integrating this aspect around your window will create a custom look. You can achieve symmetry through design while maximizing natural light from the window, so this is a great idea as it will create a balanced look.

Consider Ornamental Glasswork

This is ideal if you have a single-window over your sink because it will stand out and create the perfect focal point. Your window itself can serve as decor, and ornamental glass work is beautiful, so it’s worth incorporating it into your design. Many people use this technique in their bathrooms for the windows positioned over the tub, and you can do the same in your kitchen.

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