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Kitchen Renovation Mistakes to Avoid

By BreezeMaxWeb, November 12, 2019

Remodelling a kitchen sounds exciting but can turn out to be quite a nightmare if it’s not planned well. Although it’s tempting to source ideas online, it may not really work out in your kitchen space because the layout, colours and design are quite different from those on the website, or any magazine for that matter. 

It pays to draw inspiration from your local home decor store but the colours and cabinetry may not align with the look of your kitchen. It’s important to lay out the groundwork before you set out to renovate or the ideas that look great on paper or someone else’s home may end up being a disaster in yours. Consider these tips before you start choosing colours and styles. 


Get the calculator before you pull out the drawing board. Weigh out the costs of the project, working in as much detail as possible. Any renovation can turn out to be a major expense. Get help from professional kitchen renovators who can give you a clear idea of your options based on your needs. You may be surprised by the number of expenses you can cut down without compromising on your requirements.


Try to stick with the existing layout to save on unnecessary expenses. Simplicity works best. It keeps your kitchen looking neat and tidy, giving you space to move around. What always helps is extra storage. New cabinetry needs to be measured before you choose the style and colour, so they fit in the designated area. Avoid tampering with the plumbing, gas and electricity lines to save money, time and effort. If you need more space, weigh the costs before knocking down walls or expanding windows to let in more light. You may want to consider higher-quality lighting, cabinets and appliances instead. 


Layers of lighting can make your kitchen brighter without excessive expenditure. Use recessed lighting, energy-efficient LED lighting or pendant fixtures, spotlights over glassware, dimmer switches on all lighting to reduce energy bills and control brightness in different weather conditions. Repainting the colour with lighter, brighter shades of white can also make it look fresher and bigger.


Check out the ventilation system to ensure smoke and odours are not trapped between the walls when you cook or grill. However beautifully you remodel your kitchen, nothing is more unattractive than a kitchen that feels stuffy with the smell of smoke and stale food. Skilled kitchen contractors can route the ductwork to allow smoke to leave through the ducts by replacing ventilation ductwork and upgrading the look of your home.

Avoid DIY Kitchen Renovations:

It’s tempting to take on renovations yourself to save expenses but an unprofessionally finished job not only looks less professional but may end up being unsafe and more costly if it’s not done well. Professionals have the expert eye, skilled hand and all the special tools for a well-finished job that passes inspection. They also help you acquire the permits that comply with the Ontario Building Code, saving you several hassles.

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