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Answers to common questions we receive from our customers about our products and our process.

What is an RTA Cabinet?

RTA stands for Ready To Assemble. Cabinets ship to you unassembled and packed flat.

What are the face frame RTA cabinet boxes made from?

The face frame cabinet boxes are made from real plywood. There is no particle board or melamine used. The inside of the cabinets are pre-finished to match doors and come with a very durable UV resistant coating (face frame cabinets).

What are the frameless RTA cabinet boxes made from?

The frameless cabinet boxes are made from real plywood. There is no particle board or melamine used. The plywood is coated, stained or painted to match the doors. The only exception to this is our Shaker White Cabinet, which comes with a smooth, durable UV resistant finish. The sides, back, top and bottom shelves are all a 3/4 inch thick. 

What sizes are available?

Both face frame and frameless cabinet boxes come in modular sizes with widths coming in 3 inch increments. See the cabinet configuration sheet for more sizes.

What type of door styles are available for the RTA Cabinets?

See product information for the measurements.

Are the sides of the cabinets finished?

Our frameless cabinets come with the sides of the cabinet finished. Our framed cabinets have a ¼ inch skin that is applied to any cabinet that is exposed.

Do you provide installation services?

Yes! We provide full-service installations for cabinetry as well as countertops.

What is the lead time for RTA cabinets?

For assembled cabinetry, we can have your cabinets ready in three to five business days. For non-assembled cabinets, we can have them ready the same day as you place your order.

What is the warranty on the cabinets?

All components including cabinet boxes, cabinet doors and accessories are warranted for 1 year from the date of purchase against any manufacturing defects in materials or workmanship.

What is the cost of shipping?

We work with third party logistic companies, allowing us to get low rates on shipping. We try to get the best rates possible for our customers, but if you can get a better rate, you can certainly handle your own shipping. If you want to handle your own shipping, you will be responsible for creating the paperwork, arranging the pickup and filing any claims.

How are cabinets shipped?

If assembled, we ship wrapped assembled boxes with bubble wrap and then cling wrap. If unassembled, we ship your cabinet box order packed flat with the following components packaged together: cabinet doors, drawer boxes, hinges and accessories. All items and components are labeled to ensure ease of assembly.

I have a new kitchen sketch, how do I know what cabinet boxes are needed?

Please provide us with a sketch or description of your layout and our in-house designers will provide a 3D rendering for you to view and approve.

Is the cabinet hardware included?

Yes. Quotes are supplied for hinges and drawer glide costs unless otherwise requested. All cabinetry includes soft close adjustable hinges and soft close full extension drawer glides.

Are any of the cabinets made of particle board?

No. None of our cabinets are made of particle board.

Are the cabinet doors reversible for left or right hinged doors?

Yes. All cabinet doors are reversible.

Are the cabinets strong enough to hold granite or concrete?

All of our cabinets lines are more than strong enough to hold granite or concrete.

Can I buy replacement parts?

We carry an inventory of replacement parts, but it ultimately depends on what you’re looking for. The best thing to do if you break something or need to buy a replacement item is to call our customer service number.

Can I get samples of the cabinets?

Yes! If you want to get a sample cabinet to see how they go together or what the quality of the cabinets is like, the best thing to do is to figure out your layout and order the smallest cabinet you will need.

Do you carry glass doors?

Yes. All our cabinet lines can be ordered with glass inserts. Choose which cabinet door requires glass and choose one of our glass styles.

Do you make any other finishes or door styles that are not on your website?

All of the styles and finishes we manufacture are listed here on our website.

Do you make pantries in any other depths?

No, we offer one option for pantries. They come in shallow pantry dimensions and are designed to stack wall cabinets on top of each other.

How do I become a distributor of your cabinets?

Contact us directly and speak to one of our representatives who will get you set up in no time.

How do I join your contractor program?

Contact one of our representatives and provide us with your business information, including contractors/builders license number.

What makes JJ Cabinet Warehouse different than the other companies selling the same cabinets?

Many other cabinet warehouses don’t carry inventory but rather purchase from either us or one of the other half dozen importers within North America. While they may claim to carry three months inventory in-house, they often really ship products from other locations. JJ Cabinet Warehouse is different because we carry our own inventory, have a direct link to the factory and have established ourselves as one of the leaders in the industry.

Do you sell hardware or accessories for the cabinets?

Yes. We sell a wide variety of accessories, including knobs, garbage pulls, sinks, faucets and baking tray dividers. Call one of our representatives to get a full list of items to spruce up your new kitchen.

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